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"A Southern Belle on-the-go & in-the-know!"

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla…March 1, 2011 – The 2B Awards, announces their first winner, Katie Barnett, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ms. Barnett’s video received the most votes in the competition, and was awarded a $1,000.00 cash prize from the 2B Awards based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“This is exactly how it’s supposed to happen,” said Robert Kenneth, CEO of the 2B Awards. “Talent exists in every town throughout the World, regardless of size, and we are out to find the Stars of the Future and showcase their talent,” he said.

Ms. Barnett, a 29-year-old mother with dreams of being a music teacher, could hardly believe that she had won. “I entered the competition because I love to sing,” said Barnett, “I had no idea or ever even gave it a thought that I might win!”

Barnett won the $1,000.00 award, her video now has a chance to be viewed by Agents and Promoters in the professional music business that are associated with the 2B Awards website. Her video now qualifies for the 2B Awards Finals.

The 2B Awards is gathering momentum!  Unlike other social media sites, the 2B Awards is an Organized Competition where people upload videos in a variety of different categories. Videos are voted on by visitors to the website   Winners receive cash prizes and can win up to $10,000.00!!  The 2B Awards is closely associated with leading Talent Agencies and Record Label Companies.  Winning videos are viewed by Top Agents looking for the Next Big Star.

The 2B Awards is the preeminent showcase for talent where every day people now have an opportunity of getting discovered!!  “Up until now, you needed inside connections in the music business or famous family members to have any chance of becoming a star,” said Kenneth.  “I am out to level the playing field so that talent and not connections is the deciding factor on who makes it in this business,” he said.

It’s Showtime…

About Us: The 2B Awards is a South Florida based Company. The 2B Awards runs online talent competitions in varied categories and provides a platform to upload videos that are voted on monthly, with winners receiving cash/prizes and possible interest from Major Talent Scouts.

Media Contact

Robert Kenneth, CEO
The 2B Awards

The 2B Awards has over 5 THOUSAND Strategic Business Relationships with Distinguished Directors, Producers, Talent Agencies, Radio Stations, DJ's, Ceo's of Numerous Companies, and many more people relative to all of the 21 Categories in a TEAM effort to HELP YOU SUCCEED!!!

A Special THANK YOU to my Executive Producer Holly Steele for her Dedication, Support and Vision to Help the 2B Awards become the very best Talent Search endeavor.